Service Design / UX design

Service Design understanding from UX perspective

What to understand and execute to pass from designing digital products to design the entire experience of a multichannel service.

Image of a jigsaw puzzle as a representation of the different products, channels and stakeholders that make up a service.

1. What is a Service?

Illustration representing that most organizations are centered around products and delivery channels.

2. What Service Design is?

3. Service Design and UX

Illustration representing that UX Design is part of the Service Design.
Illustration representing that Service Design is at the intersection beetwen Customer Service, Customer Experience and User Experience.

4. Components of Service Design

Image that show which are the components of Service Design: Props, processes and people.

5. Mapping a Service

Example of Service Design Ecosystem, where the business inside activities are grouping on an inner circle and the ones related with third party partners are outside.

Illustration of a theater’s escenario as representation of the frontstage and backstage services activities.
Service Blueprint diagram.

Business model canvas illustration.

6. Successful Service Designs 🥳

7. The take away

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